The Royal wedding is upon us. Who else is as excited as I am? I happen to have known and loved the Princess to be for 7 years (please read the next few words before you freak out, LOL) on screen via the TV series “Suits” being a staunch TV series fan. Story for another day, those who know, know. We created these logos in honour of the #Royalwedding. Kindly help us choose between a fully crested logo and a simple monogram with the “crown” detailing still because it’s a #Royalwedding, duh!. We are currently taking a poll on IG story. Thanks in advance .

Also, DISCLAIMER: This undertaking is on a “What Would Radedph Do” basis,if they were our client, I wish right? Just having fun and being creative at the same time. Wait till you see what we designed for the invitation.