We have a new collection. So, I was doing homework with my smallest baby and I had this epiphany about creating design using crayons and coloured pencils. I immediately staked a claim on their coloured pencils and crayons..LOL. My other baby then later saw me doodling and he asked why I was using their pencils and crayons and I told him I was working and that they were now mine, he laughed and said “but mummy crayons are for kids”. I told him I was someone’s kid too and I was still a child at heart. My love of colours though, absolutely in love and because I draw inspiration from absolutely everything, I thought why not crayons and coloured pencils. The possibilities with this concept are endless, because to me, every perfect and imperfect stroke created with the pencils/ crayons is the purest form of art.

As for the name, we all know Crayola is one of the biggest crayons/coloured pencils brand in the world. So we decided to adopt their name but not down to the T, so we called the collection. ”The CR’adeYola Collection”. Thanks hubs for helping out with the name.