Wedding Taboo

The Idea: Take the classic game of “Taboo” and put a wedding spin on it. In this game, what you don’t say is just as important as what you do say!

Your guests play in teams to try and guess the wedding related words as their teammates shout out clues. But some words are taboo, so don’t say the wrong clue, or your team loses out!

Ground work: This game comes with 50 Printable game cards/ sheets (they print on 7 pages), cut them out into 50 individual cards/ sheets, get a buzzer or a squeaker (whichever works) and a timer. Divide your guests into two teams. Place the buzzer and cards/ sheets at the centre of the table.

How to Play: Choose one person from a team to be the first clue giver. He/ She sits opposite of their team and draws a card. One person from the opposing team should hold the buzzer or squeaker and stand beside the clue giver. Ensure the card is hidden from the teammates. Start the timer.

Give verbal clues to your teammates to help them guess the word printed at the top of the card. Your clues can be sentences or single words. Do not use the words that are printed on the Taboo list on the card. The list on the card contains a number of words or terms that are considered “Taboo”, and therefore cannot be said aloud by the clue giver. The listed words, and any parts or forms of them, are forbidden as clues. For instance, you cannot say the words “ring” or “bearer” if the word “ring bearer” is listed. You also cannot say “Pillow” if it is one of the listed words. No gestures are also allowed.

Score one point for the clue giver’s team for each word they guess correctly. There is no penalty for wrong answers.

Award one point to the clue giver’s opponents for each time a Taboo word Is used, and for each time the clue giver passes on a word.

Hit the buzzer or squeaker if you hear the clue giver use the Taboo word. If this happens, the clue giver must move on to another word. The clue giver may continue giving clues until the time (one minute) expires. The team with the biggest number of words guessed wins.

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