Read His Mind

The Idea: Before the lovey-dovey twosome become one on their wedding day, test their knowledge of each other to find out if they really are ‘of the same mind.

Ground work: A week or two before the shower, ask the groom twenty revealing questions about himself and his relationship (if planning a couple’s wedding shower, give the bride her own set of twenty questions to answer), and film the groom answering each question.

Questions can be off-centre and/or sweetly romantic, for instance; “If you could burn one thing in your bride-to-be’s closet, what would it be,” and “What was the moment you knew she was the One,”

How to Play: At the shower, ask the bride to guess his answer to each question. Then, play his videotaped response. Each time the bride gets it wrong, give her a ball of bubblegum to chew or have her drink a shot of tequila (you can give her a quarter of a shot to avoid her getting drunk). The worse she reads his mind, the more gum she has to chew—before you know it, the bride can barely talk around the huge, gummy chunk in her mouth!

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