The 3D Bloom Collection
We are lunching the Bloom collection for the 3rd time around because nature is vast and fun, it will forever exist and never go out of style. This collection will still capture the essence of nature’s exotic blooms as regards plants, flowers, leaves, trees, butterflies, but now in 3D-form.



The Artisan Collection
This collection features stunning shapes and patterns defined by ornate details, folds and layered finishes. The unique shape and pattern of each piece are very decorative and appealing.



The NOUN Collection
This collection was inspired by the word Noun and the fact that it’s a category of words that denote the names of people, animals, places, things and ideas. As a result this collection is further broken down into 4 sub-categories; including names, animals, places and things. So if you are getting married in a special city , you want your names featured on your invitations and stationery, you are having a themed event that involves animals, things and ideas, this will be your go to collection.


The Lucent Collection
Although derived from the word translucent which means- see through. This collection is more than the word “see-through”, with this collection, we played with the soft tones of clear materials, their soft radiating layers and luminant textures to create vistas with soft peaks, hazzy accents and radiant gateways into the printed contents of the collections, thus allowing them to glow from within.


The Portal Collection
A portal is a doorway, gate, or an entrance, especially large and imposing ones. This collection was inspired by the absolutely stunning vintage and rich European architecture. This collection features a lot of intricate gate-folds, layers and shadows.